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Our cancellation hunt list is NOT a laundry list of poor outfitters selling bargain basement hunts.  We don't send our members thousands of postings a year to wade through.  We send you only the highest quality cancellation/discount postings from our True Magnum Preferred Outfitters.  Please take into consideration that hunts are posted as cancellation/discount hunts typically from 2 weeks to 60 days prior to the hunting date, so don't expect to see elk hunt cancellations in January, for instance.  Postings will be emailed to members' email addresses as they come up AND be posted here on the site.  And, you can always call a Team Magnum consultant and get expert advice on any posting you see here.  If you see many of the hunts below marked SOLD, be patient, new hunts will appear as we get closer to the species' seasons.



Black Bay Outfitters is a successful guided bear outfit that has been around for over 20 years with a 99% success rate on their baited bear hunts. The camp is located in the Northern part of Saskatchewan approximately 320 miles North of Saskatoon, just off of the lake of Ile-a-la Crosse, making the areas they hunt very remote. Being that it is so far from any town or road and only accessible by a 40 minute boat ride, it gives the 150 square mile guiding radius no hunting pressure and untouched by residential hunters, ensuring that the quality of your bear hunting experience is of the highest standard. Their average sized bear taken in the past is between 6-7 feet and weighing 300-400 lbs. Last year 25% of the bears made the B&C record book. The new owners are promoting only hunting the bears that meet or exceed the seven foot 400 lb mark ensuring the harvest of only the old mature boars in the area. Not only is Black Bay Outfitters known for their trophy bears, another major advantage of their Northern Saskatchewan bear camp being only accessible by boat is that it has phenomenal fishing, catching unlimited amounts of fish. The lake is full of northern pike, walleye, lake trout, whitefish and perch. The average Northern pike pulled out of there is about 5-7 lbs, but some have been as big as 30 lbs. Incredible fishing is available daily before the evening bear hunts or all day once a hunter has tagged his trophy.   SOLD

Call 406-961-0025 or email True Magnum, LLC to book now.

$11,000 Discounted Spring Brown Bear Admiralty Island AK

One Spring Brown Bear Hunt OPENING on ADMIRALTY ISLAND. High bear numbers in SE Alaska, and you should take an 8'-9' bear. Date are: May 1 - 11 Costs are : $2500 Hunt / $950 Rd trip floatplane This is discounted by $1000 from regular price  SOLD

Call 406-961-0025 or email True Magnum, LLC to book now.

Brown Bear Hunt Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

2 spots just became available on this hunt because Tim Herald had to change his filming dates by 10 days. He will be filming an episode of Nosler's Magnum TV at this location. Hunt big 9-10' brown bears on exclusive use permits in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge at a great price. Hunts of this caliber on the AK Peninsula are going for $20-25,000- but these high quality Togiak hunts with the same trophy quality are now $16,500. This is a 10 day hunt and your jump off point is Dillingham. There will be salmon in the streams on this Sept 11-20 hunt, and the bear hunting should be prime.   SOLD

Call 406-961-0025 or email True Magnum, LLC to book now.

Save $1000 on Coastal BC Black Bears

Coastal BC produces some of the largest bears anywhere and this outfitter produces some giants. Save $1000 on this great hunt with a few choice openings in May and early June. 2nd bear is available for trophy fee. This is a 5 full day hunt with bears averaging honestly in the high 6 foot range and many breaking 7'. This area produces big heads and they kill record book boars every year. 1x1 $4750, 2x1 $3900 each- $2500 trophy fee on 2nd bear. You are picked up in Vancouver. This is truly an incredible deal on one of the best black bear hunts in the world.   SOLD

Call 406-961-0025 or email True Magnum, LLC to book now.

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