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Our cancellation hunt list is NOT a laundry list of poor outfitters selling bargain basement hunts.  We don't send our members thousands of postings a year to wade through.  We send you only the highest quality cancellation/discount postings from our True Magnum Preferred Outfitters.  Please take into consideration that hunts are posted as cancellation/discount hunts typically from 2 weeks to 60 days prior to the hunting date, so don't expect to see elk hunt cancellations in January, for instance.  Postings will be emailed to members' email addresses as they come up AND be posted here on the site.  And, you can always call a Team Magnum consultant and get expert advice on any posting you see here.  If you see many of the hunts below marked SOLD, be patient, new hunts will appear as we get closer to the species' seasons.


Last Minute Stone Sheep Hunt with Christina Falls Outfitters

Here's a fantastic last minute opportunity to get in on a Stone Sheep hunt in BC. Backpack style hunt out of an area offering ONE permit for 2014. Outfitter had a client lined up for the hunt that had to back out at the last minute. Big, dark rams in this area. Hunt price is $15,000 plus $12,500 harvest fee. Additional costs include GST on the hunt price, tags, licenses and air charter. You can add on a mountain goat to the hunt for a $4000 trophy fee. Give us a call today at 406-961-0025 and we will get you booked on this great hunt!  SOLD

Call 406-961-0025 or email True Magnum, LLC to book now.

Dall Sheep Alaska- Last Minute Deal

Last Minute Dall Sheep deal in the Alaska Range with Xtreme Xpeditions. You won't find a 10 day hunt with a better outfitter at a better price. Dates are August 19-30, 2014 and cost is $13,000.   SOLD

Call 406-961-0025 or email True Magnum, LLC to book now.

Desert Bighorn- Save $10,000

Save $10,000 on a Sonoran Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt in March 2014. This is a 10 day hunt and rams have been from 160-175 in the past. We have a discounted tag for this season during march for Our 10 day free range hunts are conducted mainly on foot by a previous truck or 4 wheeler transportation to the hunting area. After glassing and locating a shootable ram, the stalk will begin to try getting within 150-200 yards, but be prepared to longer shots if needed. During the past years, we have accomplished to hunt free range trophies ranging from 160 to 175” points. Safety is our main priority and be assured, that from your arrival, during the hunt and your departure, our team will be in charged to make the hunt as accessible as possible to any of our clients. Most of our free range hunts are based in west African style tented camps with bathroom, toilet, electricity and all the equipment and services in order to have the most comfortable possible camp. Hunting season runs from November through March and you should expect temperatures from 28º-33º during the morning and 75º-95º through the day. Our hunters arrive at the Hermosillo Airport (HMO) for all the hunts conducted on Sonora Discounted Price for the Free Range Bighorn Sheep $ 45,000 USD Original Price $ 55,000 USD PRICE INCLUDES: Lodging in Base camp and spike if needed Meals and beverages Hunting License and Tag Service of a Professional guide and spotter Cook and staff in camp. Ground round transportation from Hermosillo to ranch NOT INCLUDED Any airfare to Hermosillo Hotel before and after the hunt Dip and Pack and final shipping of trophies Tips to guide and staff.  SOLD

Call 406-961-0025 or email True Magnum, LLC to book now.

Last Minute Opening- Bighorn Sheep Hunt in Alberta

Here's a great last minute opportunity to get in on a Bighorn hunt in Alberta NOW! Season runs from Sept. 1- Oct. 15. It's in Alberta bighorn unit 445. Outfitter gets 4 tags/year. Hunt is 14 days, but the hunter can stay and hunt until they kill or get tired of hunting and missing (there is a small daily rate for each day over 14 days to cover guide wages on the trophy fee basis hunt, only.) Hunt can be done for a flat rate of $29,000 (discounted from $40,000) or $20,000 base with a $14,000 harvest fee (discounted from $25,000 base rate and $20,000 trophy fee). Harvest/trophy fee due upon harvest or if hunter leaves early/quits, or if the outfitter shows him a good, legal ram within reasonable rifle range and the ram is missed. Other expenses include 2.5% tax and licenses/tags (approx. $500 USD). Tags are good for 2014 only and cannot be transferred to a future year. Fly in to Grande Prairie, AB and meet the outfitter, then drive to the hunting area the next day. Hunting area is a 4/5 curl and most legal rams are 7 years old. Rams average between 145-175 B&C, with most being between 150-160 B&C. No other bighorn sheep outfitters in this area, and there is very light resident hunting pressure. All hunting done on foot, w/ quads used to reach glassing points and trailheads. The hunt is quite challenging and hunters need to at least be in good shape. Outfitter will do their best to insure a successful hunt. Contact the outfitter to get this hunt booked and start packing!   SOLD

Call 406-961-0025 or email True Magnum, LLC to book now.

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