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Adventure Rifle

Based on decades of experience everywhere from the mountains of Asia to America’s western plains to Cameroon and Myanmar, True Magnum has balanced all of today’s finest rifle technology for premium functionality. The result is the ultimate hunting rifle for distances out to 700 yards and elevations as high as there are mountains. The Adventure Rifle features a Wilson Arms barrel for reliable accuracy; a proprietary lightweight stock and TMAR action with integral bases because the ounces count. The hinged floor plate ensures that your magazine doesn’t ever leave your rifle, and a meat grinder bolt….for obvious reasons. Built right here in the U.S. by Cooper Firearms of Montana means you also get maximum peace of mind.  screen-shot-2019-10-30-at-1.02.10-pm.png

From the moment you hold the Adventure Rifle and feel the perfect balance and weight, to the minute you walk out your front door, you will know you have premium functionality for those hunts that mean the world to you. With a range of calibers for here at home as well as overseas, and options like cerakoting, a muzzlebrake, custom serial numbers, and three color options, you can personalize the perfect hunting rifle for your adventures.


 Standard TMAR Features:

  • Triggertech trigger
  • Three round magazine capacity
  • All-stainless steel action
  • 300 Win Mag, .338, 7mm
  • Additional calibers available upon request
  • MAXIMUM weight is 6.4 pounds 

Optional TMAR Features:

  • Custom serial number
  • Cerakote finish 
  • Muzzlebrake  

 Three Color Options to Choose From:

  • Green Stock w/ Tan Accents
  • Tan Stock w/ Green Accents
  • Grey Stock w/ Orange Accents