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Newfoundland Bears. Big Bruins, More Fun.

Newfoundland Bears. Big Bruins, More Fun.

Posted by James Brion on Mar 11th 2020

For most travelling hunters a trophy bear hunt falls into two camps, baited or spot and stalk. Most agree that the experience of a spot and stalk hunt is more active, fun and adventurous. While this is true, there is one problem with a spot and stalk hunt that is less of a problem on a baited hunt; the trophy judging. I don’t care who you are or how much you’ve done it, even as a guide, the long walk up to a dead black bear is nerve racking. Judging in the open field is an art and not everyone has those skills.

That said, when you put a 55 gallon barrel beside the bear and its back comes up to the first ring, you know you have a small bear, even if it's your first bear hunt. That’s a lot better time to know this than when you walk over and pick it up by the scruff of the neck after a spot, stalk and shot.

The tree stand based baited hunts are an awesome way to kill a big bear as long as the area is not shot out, but the all day sits for days on end may not be for everyone.  And, they don’t always make us feel like we really got back into the wildest of remote places.

If you are looking for a hunt for big bears we have a special hunt that is only offered up every other spring. The hunts take place in June and into early July. It’s a two bear hunt in the wilds of Newfoundland. A chopper ride in to a hard sided camp right on a lake puts you in big bear country where you hunt the evenings only.

During the days you can fish for trout in the large fishery right out the front door. Access is by Argo and it's an on the ground baited hunt. We regularly take bears 300-350 lbs and have taken them as large as 475 out of this camp. The cost is $4800 and includes the chopper charter, your licenses and a two bear limit. At 95% success, it’s results stand up to any other too.

If you are looking for a big bear, more fun and a wilderness type hunt, give us a call and ask about our Newfoundland black bear hunt.