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Northwest Territories Dall Sheep Hunt

Northwest Territories Dall Sheep Hunt

Posted by Find Your Dream Hunt on Apr 13th 2021

True Magnum's "Find Your Dream Hunt" Series

Northwest Territories Dall Sheep Hunt

Day 1 Arrival: Your first morning at base camp is magical, full of wonder and unforgettable. The anticipation for the hunt is as high as it can be.

Day 1.1: Horses are not used on many Dall Sheep hunts these days, but it’s the most romantic way to hunt them for those reasonably accustomed to riding.

Day 1.2: Expect to enjoy extra long hunting days, extremely short nights and beautiful northern lights.

Day 2: Looking over expansive sheep country for white sheep is not as daunting as with some other sheep. The country in NWT is mild and the sheep stand out well.

Day 3: The horses cannot go everywhere, so be prepared for daily stalks up the mountain.

Day 4: An NWT white sheep hunt combines well with mountain caribou, and you will see plenty. A crack at a wolf is also a possibility.

Day 5: When you find the ram you want, you’ll know it.

Day 5.1: NWT has lots of rams, but not many 40 inchers like this. Expect high success, reasonable weather for that far north and an 8+ year old ram.

Day 6.1: You’ll enjoy sheep ribs on the fire the evening after success and before the long pack home.

Day 6: Packing out from a hunt as epic as a white sheep hunt is bittersweet. Not many of a man’s days are spent so spectacularly. If this is your dream hunt, give us a call!