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The Affordable Trophy Moose Hunt that You Should Book Now!

The Affordable Trophy Moose Hunt that You Should Book Now!

Posted by James Brion on Mar 11th 2020

You can spend just about as much as you want on a trophy moose hunt these days.  A high quality Northern BC Canadian moose hunt where you have an expectation of 50+ inches will easily run you 15-20k plus extras. A quality Alaska-Yukon hunt with a 60 inch expectation will run 25-30k plus extras with some instances including trophy scouting and helicopter access running even well above that.

Hunters love hunting moose. It’s a favorite. In the lower 48, we don’t even get to hunt them, well, unless we have the time, money and patience to put in for tag draws for our whole life. Please note that I included money in that equation. I’ve done the math on my own personal tag draws over the past 30 years and even though I have yet to draw a Shiras Moose tag, I’ve bought one and a half of them in licenses, fees and interest. The most amazing thing about that statistic is that most hunters who do draw will still end up hiring an outfitter to take them hunting due to time, access, and packing issues, especially older hunters who have put in for enough years that they no longer can manage the arduous logistics of a hunt for such a large critter, that thrives in the backcountry. And that is on top of however many years and in however many states and draw assistance companies they have paid fees to.  So, I would say, for the average hunter, the tag draw system for moose, unless you specifically want a lower 48 Shiras moose, from an economic standpoint is more of a way to dream about moose hunting, knowing you never will, as opposed to a real plan to get it done.

Here at True Magnum we constantly get requests for moose hunts, and especially affordable moose hunts. As our clients will attest, we generally stay away from anything cut rate, too good to be true, or high risk. We want our customers to come home with what they wanted based on the average expectations that we communicate. This generally causes us to weed out low priced Moose hunts. They are low priced because they are in roaded areas. Virtually all big moose in non tag draw areas that are roaded are dead. They died when they were 1, 2 or 3 years old.

Not all, but virtually all. They just don’t stand much of a chance of living to a ripe old trophy age if they are crossing a road in a general hunting area all the time. We offer what I believe to be the best, highest quality, most cost effective trophy moose hunt available today. It has most of the qualities that a great moose hunt requires but without the price tag. Pre scouted wilderness areas with helicopter access. Great density of bulls in the 40-55 inch class, and exceptional guides with a long history of results. Not to mention some of the nicest people you will meet on earth, we have hunted with them a bunch of times.

If you have sticker shock at most of the moose hunts out there, but still want a good quality bull, give us a call and ask about our remote backcountry helicopter access eastern Canada moose hunts. At only $11,500 including chopper fees and hunting permits and tag, they sell out years in advance. But that gives you have plenty of time to save up before the final balance and incidentals are due. There are currently 2 spots for 2020, a few more for 2021 and still more for 2022, but by the end of this winter everything for 20 and 21 will be gone.