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When you make the decision to hunt away from home, things get complicated.  

True Magnum, being powered by professionals, has the tools that a travelling hunter needs to make their trip as safe, successful and as enjoyable as possible.  From a packing tool, an online hunt research catalog, hosted hunt opportunities, cancellation savings opportunities, travel assistance covering the full gammet of travel including expediting, gun permits, insurance, visas, and communications and finally a hardcore gear store where you find those items suited to your mission which are impossible to find in any one place.   True Magnum truly is your one stop shop for all things in the world of hunting adventure to get you there and back as efficiently as possible, leaving more time for the enjoyment of the adventure.  

What’s more, whether you are a seasoned pro, or new to the travelling hunter world, you can be assured that all things True Magnum are created by the most experienced group of professionals the industry has ever assembled into one place.  Our pro’s are born into their field of expertise and virtually eat, breath and live it every day.  

But that’s not all.  At True Magnum we realize that adventure hunters are the driving financial force behind conservation of species worldwide, so we reward those in our ranks with a rewards program where your purchasing power can buy you hunts, gear, conservation memberships, communications, emergency and evac coverage, taxidermy, and even donations to your favorite conservation groups.

Start your adventure with True Magnum today by joining for free.