British Columbia Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunt

British Columbia Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunt

Posted by Find Your Dream Hunt on Apr 22nd 2021

True Magnum's "Find Your Dream Hunt" 

British Columbia Spot and Stalk Black Bear Hunt

Day 1: If you choose your BC bear hunting outfitter well, you’ll have great hunting but with creature comforts that aren’t too shabby either!

Day 2: Abundant forage for moose and black bears created by the logging industry means whether you are hunting moose or bear, you will be enjoying some of the best concentrations of each found anywhere in the world.

Day 2.1: As you travel deeper into logging country be prepared to see bears and lots of them!  

Day 2.2: Thousands of miles of logging roads provide opportunity to cover miles of fresh terrain all day long.

Day 2.3: Late in the spring the breeding season is near so it is not uncommon to find boars out cruising for sows, or like in this case, a sow and a boar together.

Day 3: The sky is the limit in this country. With the ocean influence on climate these bears are not limited by nutrition or a short growing season. You could kill a giant.

Day 4: In addition to the bear you will take, expect to see 5-15 bears per day, most of which you will simply enjoy watching.

Day 4.1: Rifle, Bow, Muzzleloader. It doesn’t matter. There are lots of bears providing multiple opportunities to stalk in close.

Day 5: It’s still the north country so always be prepared for anything.

Day 5.1: You will probably shoot a bear just like this, maybe even bigger. If this is the dream hunt you would choose, give us a call.