International Sheep Hunts

Whether you are looking for a Marco Polo Hunt in Tajikistan or a Desert Bighorn Sheep in Mexico, our outfitters have offer them.  We work with only the best outfitters in the industry to insure you have the hunt of a lifetime.  Scroll through our listing of International Sheep Hunts to find the one that is right for you.

  • Desert Sheep Hunt

    Desert Bighorn Sheep - Mexico -1173

    Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt in Mexico This Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt takes place just outside Hermocillo, Sonora, Mexico. Mexico's desert it known for its large herds of desert sheep and this outfitter's hunting area is no exception.  With over...
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  • High fence desert sheep hunt in Mexico.

    Desert Bighorn Sheep - Mexico - 1034

    Desert Bighorn Sheep Hunt in Mexico This Desert Bighorn Sheep hunt takes place in Mexico.  It is a 3-day, high fence hunt.  It is done on a ranch that is large enough to give you the real hunting experience through the inside mountain range...
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  • Mouflon hunts in Spain.

    Mouflon & Beceite Ibex - Spain - 1167

    Mouflon & Beceite Ibex Hunt in Spain This is a 5 day hunt for both Mouflon and Beceite Ibex in Spain. Included in price: Trophy fee for one Mouflon bellow 184,99 CIC points Trophy fee for one Beceite ibex up to 204,00 CIC points (low bronze...
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  • Marco Polo - Central Asia - 1184

    Marco Polo - Central Asia - 1184

    Central Asia Marco Polo Hunt - 1184 The airport to be used in the country is the Dushanbe International airport, with a VIP reception at the airport with luggage and firearms. Once arriving, there will be a day and a half drive to the hunting area...
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  • Dagestan Tur hunt in Azerbaijan

    Dagestan Tur - Azerbijan - 1184

    Dagestan Tur Hunt in Azerbaijan - 1184    You will fly into Baku, Azerbaijan and will the outfitter.  From there, you will be driven to the hunt area and hunt for up to 8 days. There will be another client in camp at the same time,...
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