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Other Deer Hunts

We offer a large selection of deer hunts.  

  • Baja Blacktail Hunt

    Baja Blacktail Deer - Mexico - 1034

    Baja Blacktail Deer Hunt in Northern Baja, Mexico This is a 5 day hunt taking place in Northern Baja, Mexico on over 130,000 acres of free range land. Hunting is done from high rack trucks and by spot and stalk on hill tops. To begin this hunt you will...

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  • Blacktail Deer - Baja, Mexico - 1184

    Blacktail Deer Hunt in Baja, Mexico This Baja Blacktail deer hunt is the perfect springtime hunt. A Baja Blacktail deer looks like a small Mule deer.  A big buck will score 135". Hunting is best in late January to mid March although hunting...

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  • Brocket Deer - South Mexico - 1193

    Brocket Deer Hunt in South Mexico This is a great deal on a last minute opportunity for a South Mexico Brocket Deer hunt.  This is a 7 day safari with Sunday to Saturday dates.  Only a few weeks are available at this price.  To find...

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  • Columbian Blacktail Deer - Vancouver Island -1183

    Columbian Blacktail Deer Hunt on Vancouver Island  Vancouver Island offers one of the most true, and pure indigenous populations of blacktail deer on the Pacific Coast.  Meals and lodging are included as well as 1x1 guide services.  This...

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  • Coues Deer Hunt

    Coues Deer - Mexico - 1034

    Coues Deer Hunt in Mexico The Coues Whitetail Deer lives in the rugged mountainous terrain of North Central Mexico.  This is considered to be one of the most challenging species to hunt for North American hunters.  The smallest deer average...

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  • Coues Deer - Sonora, Mexico - 1025

    Coues Deer Hunt in Sonora, Mexico The outfitter for this Coues deer hunt is highly skilled in the field with free range, fair chase Whitetail Coues deer hunts in Mexico.  They have been doing this for decades and have it down to a science. ...

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  • Fallow - New Zealand - 1112

    Fallow Buck Hunt in New Zealand This Fallow hunt takes place in on the South Island of New Zealand.  The outfitter has been in the business for over 30 years. They have the experience and knowledge to ensure you an enjoyable hunt.   This...

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  • Fallow -New Zealand - 1049

    Fallow Hunt in New Zealand A mature Fallow buck will weigh between 120-140lbs and is the smallest of the New Zealand deer species. They are a very attractive animal with the mature bucks having palmated antlers. The strict game management done by the...

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  • Roe Buck - France - 1184

    Roe Buck Hunt in France  This is one of our favorite hunts that we offer. It is a 5-day hunt in the countryside of France, hunting the European Roe Deer. We have catered this hunt specifically for couples because the season and area lends...

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