Management Hunts

Several of our outfitter offer cow elk hunts, bison hunts and mule deer hunts that are the perfect way to fill up your freezer with wild game.  Scroll through our listing of hunts to find the one that is right for you.

  • Rifle cow elk hunt in Wyoming

    Cow Elk Rifle - Wyoming -1082

    Cow Elk Rifle Hunt in Wyoming This fair chase Wyoming cow elk hunt is done by spot and stalk from 4WD vehicles on large private ranches.  This is the perfect way to fill your freezer for Fall.  The hunt takes place north of Cheyenne,...
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  • Trophy Bison hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada.

    Trophy Bison - Saskatchewan - 1062

    Trophy Bison Hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada This is the finest managed Elk and Bison ranch in Canada and encompasses 4.5 miles of Saskatchewan river breaks. For 3 days, you can come and hunt a 1500-1700 lbs bison. We can't think of a better way...
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  • Cow elk hunt in New Mexico.  Great opportunity for a management hunt.

    Cow Elk - New Mexico - 1051

    Cow Elk Hunt in New Mexico This is a management hunt for a cow elk in New Mexico.  The outfitter will provide you with 2x1 guiding, pack out, and private land authorization codes to buy your cow elk license.  There is an option for 1x1 guiding...
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  • Bison management hunt in Saskatchewan.  Fill your freezer this fall with organic bison meet.

    Bison Management - Saskatchewan - 1062

    Bison Hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada A perfect hunt to fill your freezer this fall. For 2 days, you can come and hunt a 900 to 1000 lbs bison. The price does not include the hunting tags and the export permits.  You will be responsible for...
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  • Cow Elk management hunt in Saskatchewan.

    Cow Elk - Saskatchewan - 1062

    Cow Elk Hunt in Saskatchewan, Canada This Cow Elk management hunt takes place in Saskatchewan on one of the largest managed Elk and Bison ranches in Canada.  It is the perfect management hunt to fill your freezer this Fall.  For 2 days,...
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  • Cow Elk -Montana - 1115

    Cow Elk -Montana - 1115

    Cow Elk Hunt in Montana This is a 4 day hunt for a cow elk in Montana.  This outfitter is located in South Central Montana in the Big Belt Mountains.  They currently lease 50,000 acres from a privately owned working cattle ranch in one of...
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