British Columbia Stone Sheep Hunt

British Columbia Stone Sheep Hunt

Posted by Find Your Dream Hunt on Apr 13th 2021

True Magnum's "Find Your Dream Hunt" Series

Stone Sheep Hunt in British Columbia

Day 1: Your adventure into the heart of Stone Sheep country is both awe inspiring and nerve racking at the same time. The anticipation of danger, physical endurance, success or failure.

Day 1.1: The friends you make along the way will include guides, wranglers, and of course a horse.

Day 1.2: In Stone Sheep country you will quickly learn not to look down past your stirrups!

Day 1.3: Stone Sheep country will be some of the most beautiful you will ever lay your eyes upon.

Day 2: There will be at least one moment when you will feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack, that the extreme effort will not pay off.

Day 3: If you have old injuries, they will most surely come back to haunt you on a stone sheep hunt.

Day 4: The countryside is most grand, the accommodations minimalistic.

Day 4.1 The very nice thing is that once you get your ram, it’s all downhill from there! Oh, and don’t expect to get your ram on day 4. It could just as easily be day 14 if at all.

Day 5: Day 5 is time to rest, replenish and re pack for the trip out.

Day 6: It seems like there is always some kind of a bonus on the way out. That’s not always shooting a wolf, but sometimes it is!