Ibex Hunts

Whether you are looking for a Gredos Ibex hunt, or a Southeastern Ibex hunt, our outfitters have you covered.  We offer only the best Spanish Ibex hunts with the best outfitters in the business.  Scroll through our listing to find the one that is right for you.  

  • Gobi Ibex in Mongolia

    Gobi Ibex - Mongolia - 1184

    Gobi Ibex Hunt in Mongolia If you have ever thought about traveling to Mongolia for a Gobi Ibex hunt, now is your chance.  The outfitter has secured a last minute gobi ibex tag for this season. If you are wanting to book this hunt for a group of...
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  • Southeastern Ibex hunts in Spain

    3 for 3 Southeastern Ibex - Spain - 1186

    3 for 3 Southeastern Ibex Hunt in Spain For a limited time, the outfitter is offering a 3 for 3 Ibex hunt special. 3 hunters, 3 ibex (one ibex per hunter) for $6,500 per hunter. This is a 3-day all inclusive hunt with meals, lodging and permits...
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  • Beceite ibex hunts in Spain

    Beceite Ibex - Spain - 1186

    Beceite Ibex Hunt in Spain Beceite Ibex are the second largest Ibex in Spain and are located on the Eastern side.  It's coat is not as dark as the Gredos ibex but the male Beceite have a very dark chest down to their front legs.  The horns on...
  • Ronda Ibex hunting in Spain

    Ronda Ibex - Spain - 1186

    Ronda Ibex Hunt in Spain Ronda Ibex is one of the four subspecies of the Spanish Ibex. It is located in the South of Spain, around the Ronda town for which it gets its name. It has a noticeably smaller size compared to the rest of the Ibex and its fur...
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  • Beceite Ibex hunts in Spain

    Beceite Ibex - Spain- 1167

    Beceite Ibex Hunt in Spain Hunting season is late October to the beginning of May.  This is a 3-day hunt for one Beceite ibex.  Included in price: Meet and greet at the Valencia airport, transportation to hunting area Assistance with gun...
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  • Southeastern ibex hunts in Spain

    Beceite & Southeastern Ibex - Spain - 1167

    Beceite & Southeastern Ibex Hunt in Spain This a 6 day hunt for both a Beceite and a Southeastern Ibex.   Included in price: Meet and greet at airport closest to hunting area Ground transportation to Southeastern ibex hunting zone...
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  • Gredos Ibex, part of the Ibex grand slam.

    Ibex Grand Slam - Spain - 1167

    Ibex Grand Slam in Spain This is a 10-day hunt in Spain for 4 different species of Ibex. Prime time for hunting the Spanish Grand Slam is December to April Included in price: Pick up at the Madrid airport and drop off at Valencia airport. 10...
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  • Beceite Ibex hunting in Spain

    Beceite Ibex, No Score Limit - Spain- 1167

    Beceite Ibex Hunt in Spain The Beceite is the largest and darkest Spanish ibex with the largest horns.  Typically the horns are straighter than the Gredos ibex and have a spiral turn of less the 180 degrees. There is no score limit on this...
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  • Ibex hunting in Spain.

    Gredos Ibex - Spain -1186

    Gredos Ibex Hunt in Spain This hunt takes places in the Gredos mountain range with most of the area being accessible by 4x4 vehicles and by foot.  This hunt can be more challenging but since the area is so diverse the outfitter can accommodate...
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