Frequently Asked Questions 

 What is True Magnum? 

  • We are professional hunters who have made our lifetime’s work in the adventure hunting business.   We’ve been around the block, or rather the world, more than a time or two. We’ve hunted almost everywhere there is hunting, and we’ve developed more than a few places that didn’t even have modern sport hunting before we arrived.  We’ve been at this for a few decades now and because of our constant efforts as outfitters, hunt hosts, hunt consultants, television show hosts and producers, we feel like we have our finger on the pulse of the hunting industry better than anyone in our space.  Our business pursuits in the hunting world have led us to the very best hunting colleagues in the industry, our outfitters, and it has also led us away from those folks in the business that are either just too unsuccessful, or just too green to command the attention and business of our valuable clientele.  True Magnum is where we share our lifetime of expertise with you so that you can book your hunts with the right outfitters, so that you will have the same great experiences that we have had.

How do I book one of your hunts? 

  • Call us at 877-704-1195 or email us to talk to a consultant.  If you do not need to talk to a consultant you may add the $500 deposit to your cart and a consultant, or the outfitter will contact you within 3 days to set dates.  If acceptable dates cannot be set, then we refund you the $500 deposit.  For outfitter direct hunts, you have the option of calling us, the outfitter, or both!

Does it Cost me more to book a hunt with True Magnum? 

  • No. We do not charge the client one cent.  Our commission, if any, comes directly from the outfitter from his advertised price; the same price he/she would charge you if you call them direct.  In fact, we recommend that you call our most trusted outfitters direct.

What is “outfitter direct”?

  • Outfitter direct outfitters are our most long standing, loyal and top trophy producing outfitters who really, in all honesty, do not need a booking agent in the way.  They know what they are doing and are honest enough not to “sell” you on their hunt. Their reputation keeps their camps full. If you are not a fit for their camp/hunting style/physical requirements, we fully trust that they will tell you that, so there is no need to talk to us.  That said, if you want the assurance that you are on the right track, feel free to call us prior to dialing or emailing the outfitter direct and we will tell you what we know. 

Do you help me with my gear, travel, gun importation and trophy expediting? 

  • Although our highly qualified outfitters deal with these issues best since they work with many clients in their country and environments through the year and on a daily basis, we as outfitters, consultants and traveling hunters also have our opinions on what works best for gear, travel, gun importation and trophy expediting.  Rest assured we are always here to be an additional resource for any of these items, and in fact when we find gear that is simply superior in certain situations, we put it in our store for you to review and purchase for your upcoming adventure.

 How do you select the outfitters you work with? 

  • We only work with outfitters whom we know personally and have hunted with.

Are your cancellation hunts with the same high quality outfitters that you know and trust or can anyone post a cancellation hunt with you?

  • We only post cancellation/special discount hunts with the outfitters in our network.  No one else is allowed to post.

I am an outfitter, how do I offer my services on your website?

  • We must know you and have hunted with you.  If that is not the case give us a call and we can talk about the process of getting started in working towards that end.

How many outfitters are in your network? 

  • Our outfitters are hand selected and vetted based on quality, success and trustworthiness over the long haul.  By nature that means we do not work with a large number of outfitters. Rather, we work with relatively few outfitters of the highest quality you will find on the planet.

Are you just another outfitter directory of unqualified outfitters? 

  • Absolutely not.  We are the opposite of an outfitter directory. Our outfitters are the most vetted in the industry for legitimacy, reputation and success.  As traveling hunters ourselves, we see absolutely zero value in directories that tell you the cheapest hunt available for a species.  We also see very little value in large outfitter directories that simply give you the names of all of the outfitters in the world.  With True Magnum, the research has been done for you.  All you have to do is decide which one is best for you, and we are here to help you in that decision if you need us.  Our expertise is a phone call away.

What happened to the Magnum Bucks Program and are my Magnum Bucks still good?

  • Magnum Bucks have been discontinued.  Any Magnum Bucks balances can still be redeemed as before.  

How can I redeem my Magnum Bucks?

  • Magnum Bucks can be redeemed on qualifying hunt bookings.
  • Magnum Bucks are not redeemable on discounted or cancellation hunts.