Bear Hunts

Whether you are looking for a Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, or a Brown Bear hunt, we have them all.  Scroll through listing of bear hunts to find the one that is right for you.  


    Spring Bear - British Columbia - 1030

    Spring Bear Hunt in British Columbia Spring bear hunting season runs from May 15th to June 15th.  About half of the bears are in color phase ranging from black, brown, burgundy and cinnamon.  You never know what you will see next adding to the...
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  • Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear Hunt

    Peninsula Brown Bear - Alaska - 1067

    Trophy Brown Bear Hunt in Southern Alaska Peninsula  This hunt takes place in the famed Izembek National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.  The outfitter has exclusive guide use to the area.  As they have always done with this camp, they...
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  • Polar Bear Hunt in the Canadian Arctic

    Polar Bear - Canadian Arctic -1071

    Polar Bear Hunt in the Canadian Arctic This polar bear hunting is done in some of the most extreme environments in the world.  All polar bear hunts are done in traditional Inuit ways and with only Inuite guides. The outfitter offers a spring...
  • Grizzly Hunt in Alaska

    Grizzly - Alaska - Deltana Outfitters

    Grizzly Bear Hunt in Alaska with Deltana Outfitters Outfitter Direct Booking: Bob Summers, 907-347-7204 or This is an 11-day Grizzly bear hunt in Alaska.  Grizzlies are hunted in Western Alaska and Unalakleet, Alaska...
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  • Brown Bear Hunts in Alaska

    Brown Bear - Alaska - Deltana Outfitters

    Brown Bear Hunt in Alaska with Deltana Outfitters  Outfitter Direct Booking: Bob Summers, 907-347-7204 or  This is a 10-day hunt with 1x1 guiding. They hunt brown bears in unit 9 from their camp in Alaska...
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  • Kamchatka brown bear hunt in Russia

    Kamchatka Brown Bear - Russia - 1185

    Kamchatka Brown Bear Hunt in Russia In the spring with the snow on the ground it make it easy to clearly see the bears at great distances.  A typical morning on this hunt starts early with heading out on a snowmobile to scout the hunting areas for...
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  • Black Bear - Alberta - 1117

    Black Bear - Alberta - 1117

    Black Bear Hunt in Alberta, Canada - 1117 This spring bear hunt is very successful with over 100% success rate.  The bears average is close to 7 feet and roughly one in three bears are over 7 feet.  Most hunts are done over bait with roughly...
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