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Turkey Hunts

  • Eastern Turkey - Kansas - 1070

    Eastern Turkey Hunt in Kansas This Eastern Turkey hunt takes place in Kansas.  The outfitter offers this hunt in the spring.  It is a fully guided hunt with 2x1 guide ration. Included in the price:  2x1 guiding Lodging and...

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  • Gould's turkey hunt

    Gould's Turkey - Mexico - 1034

    Gould's Turkey Hunt in Mexico Are you looking to complete your World Slam or Royal Slam?  This outfitter can help make it happen.  They offer a 4 day Gould's Turkey hunt in the Sierra Madre Mountains. This is a fair chase hunt on 24,000 acres...

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  • Gould's Turkey - Mexico - 1104

    Gould's Turkey Hunt in Mexico The Goulds turkey season begins mid-April and ends in May.  You will need to arrive in Chihuahua City airport (CUU) for this hunt on a Tuesday and depart on a Sunday.  The outfitter's staff will greet you at the...

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  • Merriam Turkey - Wyoming - 1019

    Merriam's Turkey Hunt in Wyoming  Merriam Turkey hunting takes place in the spring with a near 100% success rate. While hunting in the open habitat you will have the opportunity to see the undisturbed activity of these unique birds. Clients...

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  • Ocellated turkey hunt

    Ocellated Turkey - Campeche - 1034

    Ocellated Turkey Hunt in Campeche, Mexico This Ocellated Turkey hunt take place in the unique jungle habitat of Campeche, Mexico.  The Ocellated turkey is the last subspecies to complete the National Wild Turkey Federation World Slam.  This...

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  • Ocellated Turkey - Mexico - 1104

    Ocellated Turkey Hunt in Mexico The hunting season for Ocellated turkey is March to April.  You will need to fly into Merida City airport (MID) on Sunday and depart on Saturday.  Transportation to and from the airport is provided by the...

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  • Ocellated Turkey, South Mexico - 1193

    Ocellated Turkey Jungle Hunt in South Mexico This hunt offers a unique hunting expedition through the jungle of South Mexico for Ocellated Turkeys. This is a 7 day safari with Sunday to Saturday dates.  Only a few weeks are available at this price...

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  • Rio Grande Turkey - Kansas - 1070

    Rio Grande Turkey Hunt in Kansas This Rio Grande Turkey hunt takes places in Kansas.  The outfitter offers this hunt during the spring.  This hunt is full guided with 2x1 guiding. Included in the price: 2x1 Guiding Lodging and...

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  • Rio Grande Turkey - Kansas -1068

    Rio Grande Turkey Hunt in Kansas Rio Grande turkeys can measure up to 4 feet high and have exceptionally long legs.  The outfitter has 16,000 acres of prime habitat for them to thrive on.  This is a 3 day all inclusive hunt.  You can get...

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