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Arctic Hunts

  • Barren-Ground Caribou Hunt

    Barren Ground - Caribou - Canada -1071

    Barren Ground Caribou Hunt in Canada Barren Ground Caribou are highly sought after.  The areas this outfitter operates in are at the crossroads of several caribou herds that either migrate vast distances below the treeline or they are tundra...

  • Walrus hunt in the Canadian Arctic

    Walrus - Canada - 1071

    Walrus Hunt in the Canadian Arctic This walrus hunt is offered  in two very different packages/experiences.  The first option is to travel by boat with experienced Inuit guides to drift ice in search of big-tusked bulls hauled-out on ice...

  • Polar Bear Hunt in the Canadian Arctic

    Polar Bear - Canadian Arctic -1071

    Polar Bear Hunt in the Canadian Arctic This polar bear hunting is done in some of the most extreme environments in the world.  All polar bear hunts are done in traditional Inuit ways and with only Inuite guides. The outfitter offers a spring...

  • Island Muskox Hunt

    Island Muskox - Canada -1071

    Island Muskox Hunt in Canada This is an Island Muskox hunt in the Canadian Arctic.  It is a fully guided, all inclusive hunt that is unique experience.  To find out more about this Island Muskox hunt call us direct at 1-877-704-1195...

  • Barren Ground Muskox Hunt

    Barren Ground Muskox - Canada - 1071

    Barren Ground Muskox Hunt in Canada  This Barren Ground Muskox hunt takes place in the Canadian arctic.  Hunting one of these ice age animals is an great way to experience the Inuit culture and the Canadian Arctic. Barren Ground Muskox is the...