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Schnee's Timberline Boot Review

Schnee's Timberline Boot Review

Posted by James Brion on Sep 23rd 2020

Antler hunting, turkey hunting, catfishing, bear hunting, food plot planting, summer

scouting. All this in only four months and I expect that the best is yet to come.

When my Timberlines showed up in April I really expected them to be a spring

turkey/bear hunting boot and then an early season archery elk boot, but so far, I’ve

found them to be much more versatile than that. In fact, for the full time

outdoorsman, they are more like an everyday boot for all warm to moderate

temperatures where a tough leather boot is required.

As an outfitter, there isn’t much I can do in street shoes, and yet my full blown

mountain boots are just too much for my everyday activities and especially during

warm weather. Any day could require some time at the desk, but there’s bound to

also be some time pulling cards, on the tractor, fixing fence, etc. So, I need an

uninsulated boot to get me from April to October. Ideally it’s a leather boot, tough

enough to farm in but comfortable enough to put on every day.

The timberline fits that for me. Truth be told, I’ll spend more days in this boot

during the year than any of my hunting boots. These boots are light but tough.

Good grip, excellent waterproofing. I wouldn’t use them in place of my Schnee’s

Granite II’s for high mountain hunting, but then I wouldn’t be afraid to use them for

that either.

Really the only thing that I found to watch out for on the Timberline is the fit. Since

it is uninsulated I wish I had ordered mine one half size smaller so that I could wear

them with really thin socks in warm weather. I didn’t expect to have any break in

time whatsoever with the boot given the way that it feels when you put it on, but It

did take a couple of days hiking and getting wet to get them perfect.