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Don't Let CWD Put a Damper On Your Out-of-State Hunting

Don't Let CWD Put a Damper On Your Out-of-State Hunting

Posted by James Brion on Mar 11th 2020

Here's how we work around the CWD problem at our Exclusive Nebraska Deer Camp.

Since virtually no state will allow you to cross state lines with deer carcasses these days, we have come up with an easy, no hassle solution for you to get your trophies back home safely and legally, as well as giving you the opportunity to have meat processed and shipped to you, or processed and donated. 

Here is how it work:

1) After your deer is tagged, we will drive you and the deer to the check-in station to have it metal tagged.

2) Next, we drive you to our taxidermist. Here your deer will be caped and prepped for legal shipping to your home or taxidermist or legal transport in the back of your truck. Cost for this service is currently $70 plus shipping. Of course, you can also choose to have them do the shoulder mount. Their current pricing is $595 plus shipping.

3) Finally, we will take your deer to the processing plant. Processing currently runs $130. Then, you will decide whether to ship your meat (for additional shipping charges), or you can donate it and save the shipping charges. That locker plant has a long list of local residents who want deer meat so it will go to a good home. 

With CWD unfortunately becoming a big concern across the country, we all need to do what we can to make sure that we as sportsmen do nothing to cause its spread, while still obeying wanton waste laws and just simply doing right by the animal and the whole process in making sure that the protein gets put to valuable use.

Many new CWD laws are being and have been passed this year. For a quick check on how this affects your hunting as you travel across the country, or even hunt in your home state, check this link: